Blogger to Blogger,

Well well well, day 3 of blogging101 and I’m still on it! (My blogging high is higher than ever!). Sorry for the slightly tardy post today, but work has been all-consuming… and the wifi at work was down today, which means I couldn’t publish this post during my lunch break as I have been for the last two days =/ So here I am, had my dinner, showered and on my comfy bed in company of my stand fan and laptop.

So onward to Task 3:

Follow five new topics in the Reader and five new blogs.

*Brace yourself for another lengthy one.

Greetings, Neighbours!


Welcome to the party! I would like to thank my fellow blogging101 mates who have been incredibly encouraging and those who have started following my blog! It is an incredible honour and humbling that there are people who are willing to spend time of their day to read my thoughts and ramblings. Happy to be part of your day and hope I made it better 😉

Half the Fun of Blogging

It is therapeutic to be able to put thoughts to words… for someone who overthinks, it helps me untangle my thoughts and get a clearer view on things. The other half fun of blogging is really being able to discuss and exchange views on the topic on the plate. I have started this blogging on and off since 2008 but there has been zero discussion or interaction with another soul… till now!

The Importance of Give and Take

Since day 1 of blogging101, I have been blog-hopping to many other bloggers who are similarly taken on this blogging101 challenge (just follow the ‘blogging101’ tag on your reader!). I must say, I have come across many interesting people.

*Tip of the Day* – Whether you are looking to gain more viewership or just connect with like-minded people, it certainly applies to blogging that to receive, you must give.

Spend some time reading other blogs and leave open invitations for them to visit yours! Spread the word about your blog! From blog-hopping, I left my sincere comments and open invitation to the blogger to check out my blog. I was not expecting much (as it may come off as spam), but most of them accepted my invitation and left their opinions about my blogging too! Again, thank you.

What I’ve Learnt: Before this, I have never promoted my blog or engaged with other bloggers on their blogs… which was why my blog was as dry as the desert for the past few years. You just cannot expect people to come across your blog from search engines when you never put yourself out there! However interesting your content is, there probably is someone else writing about that topic too… your blog drowned in a sea of millions.

to receive, you must give.

People will return kindness with kindness, so definitely show that genuine kindness by reading and sharing your thoughts on their blogs too! Do not merely spam tons of blogs with your blog link (you’ll probably be blacklisted as a spammer, which you are)

Of Friends and Inspirations

Besides being a give and take, you might be surprise how much alike you identify with a certain blogger! With blogging101’s first task, I definitely got a chance to see which bloggers I could connect with more (and possibly be friends with)! You started blogging probably hoping to touch at least one person with your writing; other bloggers would have the same intention! So share that courtesy.

I have also come across bloggers that inspired me, made me think more about important issues close to heart. Sometimes, these inspirations unlock a whole new thought process – new blogging material to share! However, I feel that there is a fine line between drawing inspiration and conforming your thoughts (or even mild plagiarizing!). It does happen unconsciously, when you are influenced by someone else too much, you might start to think more like them (I am working on a post about this, do stick around for that!). So, do tread carefully and mindful of where your true intent lies.

Five New Topics

So, this may seem cliché and obvious, but the five new topics that I’ve chosen to follow on my WordPress reader (aside from blogging101) are: Fashion, Fitness, Food, Quotes, Thoughts. These are one interesting blog I’ve found from each topic which I relate to:

Fashion: The Art of Dress

“This blog quite simply celebrates the Art of Dress in its seemingly infinite forms, with material drawn from throughout history and today.” As a self-proclaimed fashion enthusiast, I should brush up my history on fashion and thought this is the perfect place to start!

Fitness: Suggestions?

After one year of hiatus, fatter than ever, slower than ever… I am now trying my darnest to regain my strength and body. I have not managed to find a blog that fits my situation enough to keep me motivated… any suggestions?

Food: The Domestic Man

Keeping to my resolution of all things healthy, I come across The Domestic Man whose blog was recommended by WordPress! With his cooking modelled after the Paleo diet, I’ll be the judge of whether his recipes hold up as healthy and tasty!

Quotes: Live & Learn

Quotes are great short statements which make you ponder… paired with great photos, David Kanigan provides me with such lovely short reads which I can see myself coming back to for more.

Thoughts: Mischief Memoirs

Personal, raw and deep thoughts are possibly the type of blog post that fascinates me most.  Mischief Memoirs shares her thoughts in beautiful poetry and drawings of her own.

Five New Blogs

Being on the blogging101 course, naturally I would like to share 5 blogs (currently on the course) of different varieties which I hope to excel together for the long run:

Adventures Of A Samurai, A Seanchai & 4 Fairy Ninja

“A foreign wife to a Japanese man, living in rural Japan.  An outdoor loving, adventure seeking Work-At-Home-Mother to four beautiful children, 5 years old and under!” As someone lusting over Japan, I love her posts on her adventures of all places and things Japan with her family.

Author Mason Sabre

Philosophical and thought-provoking questions. Mason Sabre has his way with words that make you think twice as much about things. Follow him on his journey in life of self-discovery!

Chronicles of a Stuntman

Ever wonder how exciting is the life of a stuntman? Well, this stuntman with spunk will introduce you to his work and the hows!

The New Wave

Opinions on important matters voiced from a 19 year old whose mind definitely surpasses any other 19 year old (in maturity) I’ve met. Social issues, politics etc. hear and think about what he has to say about them.

The Robotic Hermit

An author of a serial novel with great imagination. Just check out her adorable take on blogging101’s first task and you’ll know what I’m talking about!

So these are my fresh fives which I think are worth you checking out!

*P/S: Please don’t be disheartened (or pissed) if I didn’t choose your blog!  I’ve followed 35 more of you but just narrowed it down to personal preference for this post 😉 Keep it up!

Once again, welcome to my humble sanctuary – a place that is truly my own for me to be all me. I certainly hope having some followers will give me that extra push to keep dishing out great content, I don’t want to disappoint! I have no idea how many times I have vowed to revive my blog, but I’m looking to be at a good start compared to those times! Let’s hope I keep this up once and for all, and kick me in the bum if I don’t, alright? 😉

What are the blogs you follow and why those? Share them! I’d love to hear from you, yes YOU!

I hope you’ve taken away a few tips with you about engaging with other bloggers, and take them to heart! Happy blogging! Keep on writing, reading and making new friends!

Your friendly neighborhood blogger,

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