Dear Readers,

Man. These blogging101 posting tasks just keep getting harder huh. This is a toughie… My audience? But I’m interested in sharing varied topics for discussion. Can I say anyone that willingly reads my blog without a gun pointed to their head and finds me interesting, call it a day? Heh.

Okay okay. Let’s see… after some thought…

My Intentions

My initial intention of starting a blog was to motivate me to pursue a future in Fashion Design. I really wanted to share my style, sketches and reviews on fashion… Don’t get me wrong, I still do long for a future in the Arts (but more uncertain about which line of art, although my heart still beats for fashion) but I’ve become side-tracked.

Last summer break, I shared my weekly recaps/reviews on TV shows. I even went as far as to comment on the fashion on those TV shows, dissecting every outfit. It really occupied my time (I had to watch an episode twice or so to catch some things, not to mention capture the perfect screenshot!), but it wasn’t necessarily out of desire. It became an obligation; thinking people would be drawn to my blog with my prompt postings (2-3 days after an episode airs). However, my voice in the blogosphere was still just a whisper.

For the past year (or two), I was in a dark place. I stopped living for anything; I escaped my own life by tuning into hours of TV shows like the characters were my friends. With that, I’ve really wanted to blog more about personal experiences like such, not only in hopes of connecting and helping others in similar situations, but also as a means to voice and reflect on myself. Like I said before, putting my thoughts into words enables me to reflect and untangle my chains of thought.

Even since high school, I seem to have more questions than answers to my own questions! And even more questions about life…

“Well, I know since I started this blog, all I blog about is events occurring in my daily life. But, I made an after-high-school-resolution to start blogging about topics that are dear to me, stuff that are relatable, shit that happens to us human beings, human nature, and much more to keep you guys wondering and thinking more about what is life =)” – from one of my posts back in 2010.

Beyond sharing creativity, it was always my intent to express emotions and share deep thoughts people are afraid of hearing/expressing.

So my dream reader would be thinkers who wouldn’t mind diving deep into my simple life experiences to enrich yours. Like I’ve said in my blogging101 first post – I want to share with you the good, the bad and the ugly, which includes “shit that happens”.

My Open Letter to You:

These are the very thoughts that jumble my brain to mush, me, uncut:

My Open Letter to you, my reader(s) *click here

That post completes my task 4 for blogging101! I think I might turn it into a serial post as it would be ridiculous to process so much in one post. I would really like to share this chronicles as it is something I often don’t even share everything with my own friends and family… an unbiased opinion might just be what I need!

How about: Finding Mei / Finding Me / Finding Me to I, for the name of this serial postings? A bit of a wordplay there because Mei is part of my real name. What do you think?

My first time using polls! So I guess this ticks my “new element” requirement for Blogging101. Gold star please! Kthxbai.

Wherever Your Interests May Lie

Of course, I still intend to share lighter content like music, food, art, fashion, entertainment and such topics that interest me. I definitely still want to explore and showcase that! I am just saying that for the time being, that will be the central content.

“I will blog about what I want to blog.”

In the near future, my focus would be finding my passion which means I will be sharing my art works (or other adventures/pursuits) here as well. So do stick around for something else that might interest you! Patience my friends 😉

So dear readers,

Join me in my thoughts while on the quest to love myself again, to be whole and lead a happy life.

I hope upon my successful journey out of the darkness, those that have followed will reach the same destination – destination happiness (man, that sounded less cheesy in my head). Your comments are much appreciated! Even just to say hi, it’ll still be a great encouragement for me!

Also if that’s a heavy topic for you, do visit for lighter hums from me – food, music, photography, art, fashion, quotes, fitness…see common interest? Stick around then, we can be friends! ;D


Do visit and kick back with me from time to time!
Don’t be a stranger 😉

From my heart,



2 thoughts on “Dear Readers,

  1. Gee…you make it look so easy!! Great post…and looking forward to sharing your journey…cheesiness and all! 🙂


    • I’m flattered thanks! It’s not as easy… I find myself having to change my way of saying somethings to make sure it isn’t too lengthy (but it is still quite =/)! I guess just start with whatever pops into your mind and speak from your heart 😉 Thanks and happy blogging! xx


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