7 Years Since…

Well, I spent my weekend fiddling about with different themes… yet I have not been able to settle on one! Well, at least I’ve managed to narrow it down from 60 to 20 choices. It’ll be soon! Keep your eyes on my page in the next few weeks 😉

So, my previous about me page was written in 2008 (about 7 years ago) and basically left untouched since then… UNTIL TODAY! I really shouldn’t need blogging101 to push me to update such an important page of my blog. In 2008, I was a confident teenager who had no care in the world, awesomeness was her (in her head anyways, but perhaps she was)… most importantly, she was LIVING life and happy.

So a wide view of me as a blogger and beyond here, my ‘About Me’ page: WHO AM I?

I kept it within 400 words (half of my word count for most blog posts!), think it’s short and relevant enough? Please do comment!

I hope it also gives you an insight to what to expect from me on Hums of Sum, and I genuinely hope you stick around and share your thoughts =)

7 years since,



5 thoughts on “7 Years Since…

  1. I get overwhelmed with the themes and get lost customizing even just the posts! I still got a long way to go, but look at you! 7 years!!! That’s really awe-sum! Lol 😀 Anyways, you and your blog really inspire me. Hope to get to your level someday. 🙂

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    • Thanks! I’m humbled and overwhelmed =) To be fair, I’ve created my blog 7 years ago… but it actually feels like I’ve only been blogging for a year! Don’t aspire to be my level, I was really inconsistent =/ be better! And at your rate, you seem to be doing just find for someone who just started blogging. Keep that blogging bug! ;D xx


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