The Social Media Effect

I have been meaning to write a post about Social Media and its’ effects on people today… an extensive one if you will that explores the psychological effects and more (might go in depth on other posts sometime if I do have more thoughts).

Yes, I am a little behind this week with Blogging101… so, here is my Day Nine task this post by Violett really succinctly expressed my general thoughts on Social Media and people today in her blog post, “Why to “Unfriend” Social Media”. Here are my thoughts:

Social Media, whether you admit or not is easy to get addicted to. What are some of the obvious negative effects it has caused? Well… to name a FEW…

1. Sharing Everything

Social Media, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or such… has really drilled young minds to share EVERYTHING. Instead of enjoying the moment, people are more focused on documenting these moments via social media. Sure, a picture or two is a reasonable way to capture a moment for momento. However, whether it is a concert or a simple hang out with friends, some (most young) people are just too caught up in snapchatting (do not even get me started on snapchat), taking photos, videos etc. If a selfie was not up to par, one has to take MORE photos… and where has the time gone… I swear, I have been out with friends who spend 60% of their time on their phones, do people even know how to socialize anymore? And it does not end there; you need to EDIT these photos with filters and more… which brings me to the next point…

2. Cultivating Perfection

As Vio said, “Fakebook”. Social Media has cultivated a false sense of perfection that often escalates into Trends. Whether it is thigh gaps or relationship goals… it unconsciously brings out competitiveness in people to show that your life is better. It seems social media is an airbrushed version of people’s life, how many people share the bad and embarrassing moments anymore (there used to be a time that we would)? For me, it even causes depression in viewers who start to compare their lives and feel lowly to them. Life shouldn’t be about pursuing other people’s goals and dreams (travels, designer bags etc.), but living it on your goals and dreams, and social media tends to blur that line.

3. “Liked”

When you post a photo or status update, how many times do you check it to see how many likes or such it gets? I’m not denying it, I have been a victim of this need of validation. In a way, it seems like we crave acceptance and attention more than ever with this added feature. On a darker note, when you do not get the number of likes or such you expected, you might start wondering why is that so? Why is a picture of that dog getting more likes than mine? Is this even constructive to us? Unless you’re a celebrity or public figure, I do not see how it is.

4. Social?

“Social Media got ironic because it’s not even social anymore.” I strongly agree with Vio. Sure, you meet a friends’ friend one day, and the next day you both are Facebook friends. Maybe it’s just to make a social connection, maybe it’s just so that you can tag them in a picture. However, with the overwhelming amount of friends you have on your news feed, it is hard to keep track with your true friends. Besides, sure, social media has created a nice way for you to stay up to date with your friends’ lives… but hasn’t it significantly lessened their need to personally share anything with you anymore? Sure, you might know what they are up to, like or comment on a few of their statuses and all, but  you two are not actually socializing or making the effort to keep up with each other a decent conversation anymore… is that what friends are?

5. News Feed

That brings me to my last point – News Feed. By sharing and connecting on social media, lives have almost become news – Facebook literally calls it “News Feed”. A photo, an update, an emotion… it is all just news, a heat in the moment. Let’s not forget the other friend’s friends you added who are able to read your updates… competitiveness and to judge a book by its cover often brings out the worst of gossipers. Even when Facebook was relatively new (3 years since its debut), I hear people gossiping about people they barely know… and their gossip source? Yes, Social Media. Surely the internet will have opened you to more beneficial content to discuss about?

I am not saying that we should completely cut off social media from our lives. Sure, it depressed the hell out of me when I was at my lowest… comparing myself other people… I was even on the verge of deactivating my Facebook account but it is also where my uni’s society updates members; and I realized that I have only been able to keep with 60% of my close friends (back home, as I’m studying overseas), which is sad and brings about point 4.

Still, Social Media has its advantages if used in moderation. I have found it a great way to share and keep memories that you can reminiscent on with friends. However, as much as it is great to have a memento to hold on to, never forget the live in the present, put down the smartphone and photo editing. Use it to keep up with friends that matter and not be caught up getting green-eyed over other people’s lives, share your thoughts and even connect and make new friends that socialize beyond the screen.  Don’t get sucked into the black hole of stalking or drooling at awe in other people’s lives, live yours and know that – Social Media is not a necessity, you can survive without it. Take your time to smell the roses, don’t post a status update about it and take less selfies.

How has social media impact your social life and personality? Agree or disagree with me, share your point of view and experiences!

Live Beyond the Screen,

Might be sharing my thoughts on another social media consequence: SELFIES.


12 thoughts on “The Social Media Effect

  1. Great post, I know how it feels. I recently deleted my twitter, facebook, tumblr and pinterest accounts. It all became too much in the end. As you say, “Social Media has its advantages if used in moderation”

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    • Thanks! 😉 Yes, I do not know how some people even do it… Especially those lifestyle bloggers who blogs for a living! I mean, they have to stay plugged in through social media to keep their following… I just find it daunting even as a reader, like I have to stay in the know by being active on Social Media. Yep, definitely, moderation and self-control I would say.

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  2. I loved this post! Whatever I forgot about or didn’t include was here, so this pretty much completed what I wanted to say. Now the puzzle is done! Thank you very much for linking my post to this: Made me really happy 🙂 I’m a newbie at this Blogging thing / sharing my writings with people, so, seeing people appreciate what I share makes me happy 🙂
    “Take your time to smell the roses, don’t post a status update about it”: very. well. said.
    Thank you again!

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  3. I don’t let it drive my life. I’ve got a Twitter that gets populated when I make a post. Once in a while I popup to see if there’s anything worth retweeting (once a month). I’m a little more active on FB – interact with 2-3 friends…watch others posts, like if I like them…or just let them scroll past. I don’t think I’ve been enslaved yet 🙂

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    • I would say I’m guilty of loving my Twitter, it’s more of my little outlet and not a lot of my friends know I’m on it. I also follow some news and such on it which is pretty neat for keeping up to date.
      That’s good that you know exactly what you want out of your social media, get in and get out. Not getting sucked into the abyss of selfies and all haha. It is especially tough when I’m actually in the generation which Social Media seems to be everything these days.. it’s like if you don’t exist on it, you don’t exist. Here’s to living in beyond the screens! 😉


  4. Yes I liked this and I agree!!! I’m now only checking FB once in am and once at night. Twitter, only once a week maybe. I’m very picky about my friends. My family is spread out all over the USA. And we’ve moved a lot. So it is a way to stay connected. My husband still has a flip phone and doesn’t get into social media at all. But he likes it when I update him on family and show him pics. But he calls my iPhone an “interloper.” So that’s when I decided I need to cut back.
    And now my 2 year old grandson feels the same way! He smacks our phones when he catches us looking at them rather than him! But my daughter caught a great pic of him copying his daddy, who likes his iPad. Daddy was out mowing yard, grandson got the iPad and put his feet up like dad and is “talking” to it like he knows what’s happening. Kids imitate what they see.
    So my concern is what are children learning-and that’s the real harm in self acceptance and awareness. Not to mention the on-line bullying. We know the tragedies there….I think Bill Gates has posted he’s not allowing his children to use and electronic devices until they hit a certain age-in their teens. Maybe he’s on to something!

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    • Wow, interesting that Bill Gates would have posted that. HAHA, an interloper. Yes, it has become rather intruding… and the addiction doesn’t stop at JUST looking at other people’s social media pages, it also drives you to want to share on social media more too! I actually have two very dear friends who do NOT have Facebook which I really applaud them for. I guess it’s all about moderation!
      I agree, I have seen many young parents who are so dependent on their technology devices and passed on that habit to their toodlers! (Toodlers crying because their parents shut off their iPads). Thanks for sharing your thoughts 😉

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