Sorry Blogging101…

But this week has been proper jam packed for me! Between work (reports, research, sourcing for quotations on items to purchase), preparing for my University’s tutor’s visit next week (I have to give a presentation!) and a 3 day stay in London to cheer on my dear friends at their graduation (sure, I did had some solitude relaxation time too… ok, a lot). I may be back today, but I still have tons to do aside from work! HOW MUCH I need a boost to speed through all these tasks (and an extra 24 hours please.)

Still, this all pretty much left me with not much time to properly blog along with blogging101 tasks and I feel horrible! So, please pardon me if I haven’t been posting or replying to comments as much recently. I will get to it soon! I know 1 week of silence is a long time in the virtual world (I have a life beyond too)… but don’t lose faith in me just yet, readers! Hopefully I will be able to catch up with the tasks this weekend or next week (before we come to the end of the course!)!!! AND I really need to settle on a new theme (or not)… just gotta revamp my site appearance and I do hope to do so before blogging101 ends so that I can still direct any questions to Michelle!

Aside from playing catch up with Blogging101, you can look forward to the these posts too:
☐ DIY Graduation Cards Ideas
☐ London Getaway (June)
☐ More London Adventures (July)

See you all around again soon! & Have a wonderful weekend, all! 😉 Allow me to leave you with a peek into what/where I have been in London the past few days…

Till the next post!


2 thoughts on “Sorry Blogging101…

  1. No need to apologize! I’m now a blogging 101 dropout and have to retake the course. Life got in my way, too. But you have created a great site and are very gifted. I know many of us look forward to your upcoming posts!

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    • Ahaha drop out? What happened? I feel compelled to retake it just because I seem to have missed the second half of it… or maybe I should just catch up on my own time. A huge chunk I missed out is really on revamping the appearance of my blog… so I might just retake it just in case I have any questions on that. Thanks for your kind words! Good luck on your retake! 😉


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