Where has the Tan gone?

I have been soo good… then I disappeared for THREE months.

To returning readers, I AM BAAAACK. To new readers, well, welcome! Grab a cuppa and I hope you enjoy what you read =)

So, what happened to me? What’s with this hiatus?

Summer has morphed into Fall and almost Winter during this hiatus! (Fist Bump if you get that double meaning)

And November is creeping to an end, with only ONE MONTH left till it’s a new year! WHAAAAAT?!

Let’s recap shall we?

In my last post from months ago, I was still at my one-year internship (Placement). Although I was getting swamped at work due to the fact that I was about to finish my placement and had some lose ends to tie, I still managed to get my fingers tapping away in this little sanctuary of mine every week.

If you’ve read my latest post, yes, my placement ended approximately three months ago (20th of August to be exact).

SO? Where on earth have I been then?

That should mean I had plenty more time to blog! WHY haven’t I been blogging about TV shows, the VMAs, the AMAs and all that jazz?

Well, I embarked on an exciting 30 day Europe trip! Taking on 6 countries, 11 cities (and/or towns), all in exactly 30 days! Yes! It’s about DAMN TIME. It has been a dream of mine since I was in high school (and since I’ve come to know of a certain Gilmore Girl). Europe is rich in cultural, arts, food etc. that I longed to experience first-hand but could only reach through the silver and small screens.

I was a bit anxious that it wouldn’t happen when my friend backed out; she left me without a single travel buddy as most of my friends have graduated and weren’t available to travel. YES. Of course I would’ve been fine with travelling solo, but my (Asian) parents were completely against the idea. I don’t blame them entirely… their concerns are valid – I will be a girl, travelling Europe for the first time, and visiting countries that speak foreign languages which I am not familiar with. However, at the end of this trip, I stand by that I think I am perfectly capable of travelling solo with proper planning. So how did I make it happen then with my parents’ objection? I joined the cheapest tour I could find to fit my dates for the first two weeks. My parents flew in to join me for the rest of the trip.

I was confident that I would be completely capable of blogging along my travelling… boy was I wrong. My wanderlust was strong – I wanted get the most out of my travelling, this meant being out and about from sunrise till late at night. Also, my camera, well… I’ve filled like five 16GB SD cards! Just filtering my photos alone would easily take up an hour of my precious time I could spend resting or exploring new things.

So, that explains one month. What about October-November?

Time sure flies huh…

Well. As soon as I got back from my trip, I’ve not been able to catch a break. I had to relocate from Cambridge back to Guildford as Uni started in October. Yes, that’s right. I’m back in Uni for my final year! So that pretty much should explain it – Uni. Final year is definitely starting to be more stressful than I anticipated. I swear, working was so much less stressful. I loved the fact that you leave your work at work; sadly that is not the case with university. For my final year, I have 2 modules this term, and 2 projects (one group and one individual). For both projects, I have to meet my supervisors EVERY WEEK for a project progress update as well. THAT basically means they expect you to HAVE some sort of progress every week. So far, I feel like my course is the only one with this crazy amount of workload for our final year… I suppose our University really deserved that top Engineering department ranking.

I guess it is understandable as with university, we have to accomplish so much in a short amount of time… at least we get Summer breaks yes? Well. I am starting to wonder when will my next break be… not that university work isn’t enough, I am completely stressing out over what am I going to do AFTER I graduate! Yes. The same ordeal as I went through in 2nd year… I have to think about applying for jobs (or masters) for next year! (Yes, expect more posts of me circling on this topic again with my overthinking and anxiety). I have also returned to my part time job at our University’s kitchen, and a new weekend gig (Friday nights) at a hotel. Yep, I really do work hard for the money *cue music*.

What to expect from me blogging wise?

Well. I am hopeful of getting back into the habit of posting at least ONCE a week. As in what I will be posting on, OF COURSE you can look forward to posts detailing my travels around Europe! I am aiming to post about all 11 cities by the end of January! Also do expect weekly “Me finding I” posts (of more with my increasing apprehension about the impending NEXT STEP).

Infinite Apologies (to you my dear readers (anyone?), and myself)

Again for the hiatus. And, YES, I HAVE NOT CHANGED MY BLOG THEME =( Yikes. Way to go, S.

I really do need to get my act together (I’m been saying that since high school). But I will say, having at least one constant usually helps, so let’s hope this constant blogging will shape me to be a more organized human being. I need to stop being an organized mess – gets her job done but cuts it close or does not give her best.

Infinite Apologies,


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