Hello, it’s me (again).


How was your Christmas break lovelies? Did you end your 2015 on a high and ushered in 2016 with a bang?

Well, for once (since a long while), I really had an enjoyable Christmas-New Years Break! I was lucky enough to get the chance to travel with two of my buddies from back home! (Yep, my first time travelling with friends!) We traveled to Ireland (Dublin & Belfast), Scotland (Edinburgh & Glasgow) and of course ending our trip in London, as it was one of my friend’s first time ever in the UK!

I’ve come across quite a lot of postings from friends and people on social media saying that 2015 was one of their worst years… It’s mainly because these people probably were at that phase where they realize growing up isn’t easy – you don’t actually get all the freedom in world as you imagined in high school, you get a ton more responsibilities, a lot more to worry about, more wrinkles on that forehead. You guys are late to the party. It’s just a transition phase guys. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. You survived it, it probably made you better and wiser, so you should be thankful for the learning experience instead of writing it off as a negative. Like in Inside Out, we need a balance of negative and positive experiences in our lives, so embrace them all!Yes, still the weakest excuse for slacking with my blogging =/ I’m sorry. When will you get your shit together, S??? Anyways, that’s where I’ve been the past month – from scrambling to hand in assignments before my Christmas break to travelling around UK with my friends. And now? I’m back to reality – UNIVERSITY LIFE. Being in the UK education system… my exams are in two weeks (YES. Cruel aren’t they, exams after your break… so, break doesn’t entirely feel like a break if you’re the kind who gets all worked up about exams. This is probably one of the key factors contributing to why British people moan all the time – not being able to have proper breaks).


Most bloggers/vloggers have posted some kind of recap on 2015 and/or new years resolution post… I do have one but I’m like 17 days (over two weeks!) too late, that’s like 2 months in the virtual world… far from being fashionably late. So, I’ll post one possibly in February, after my exams and in time for CHINESE NEW YEAR (I’m Chinese afterall heh). With my exams in the way, I guess my goal to post all about my Europe trip by January is a FAIL… I will still try to post some other content tho! Not all is lost! AND NOW to pile on, I’ve got this UK trip to blog about too. So definitely stay tuned, and don’t feel shy to berate me if I don’t start blogging about it in February! Oh PLEASE DO, we all need a powerful kick sometimes.

BAM: ending this post with a little glass half empty attitude! YES PLEASE. Be less afraid & try new things, learn from your experiences and keep doing you!

‘Cause I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me,


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