(Chinese) New Year’s Resolution 2016

Happy Chinese (Lunar) New Year to everyone! Although it feels far from it here especially it being the first day of semester 2… to be honest, I feel like I wouldn’t even know it was CNY if it weren’t for my family, which is kind of sad. I need to be more in touch of my roots!

Anyways, Yes, this is a new year’s resolution post. If you haven’t read my previous post (here), I said I had big plans for change this year – for myself and my blog. I always do to be honest, let’s just hope it finally sticks this time. And hey, starting this on a MONDAY. Research say that we are more likely to stick to our resolutions if we start on a Monday, let’s hope so! But come on, the biggest factor is MYSELF.

So yes, it’s Monday, it’s the first day of Chinese (Lunar) New Year and the first day of the 2nd semester of my final year (it’s my final semester here should all go well! and that all depends on little old me) – this is screaming “LET THIS BE IT!” to me, I hope that it is. I want to be able to look back by the end of the year (heck, by half the year) and really be able to say “Yes, I did THAT.” to something great.

So I had this fun idea of putting down my resolutions I wanted to share. So, I kind of grouped my resolutions into 3 categories:

  1. MUST!
  2. Long Term
  3. Things I want to do/achieve in time (when I’ve gotten most of 1s and 2s sorted)

Wrote them down on 3 different colour papers,

  1. MUST! in Red
  2. Long Term in Yellow
  3. Things I want to do/achieve in time in Green

Roll (or fold or whatever you like) them up,


And keep them in this little ball (or whatever vessel you like, I like that I can hang this ball up as a decorative piece).

What I plan to do, is to pick one (or two) resolution(s) from this bunch in 1 to 2 months time, starting with the red ones (MUST!). If I pick a resolution and have not done it, I have to put it back into the ball. Once I seem to be making head way, picking out resolutions without putting them back, I will then increase my frequency of doing this, perhaps to picking resolutions in every 2 weeks, and start picking one Yellow (Long Term) and/or Green (Things I want to do/achieve in time) resolutions. This way, by seeing the amount of paper in the ball in every time I do it should make me sweat as 2016 inches closer to the end, because it would just show how much I have NOT done. That should be motivation enough!

I also plan to do a Reflection of the Week, where I take a few minutes on a weekend, to just think and reflect (Possibly write down) what I’ve done in the week to fully reflect on whether I’ve been working hard or slacking.

I would also love if I could think of some kind of… punishment if you will for every resolution I put back. Any bright ideas, fellow readers? I heard of an app which you put money into and lose it whenever you don’t go for a work out you scheduled, does it go beyond working out? Let me know any ideas you have that you perhaps do to help! Share your motivation ideas of sticking to your resolutions too, or even let me know how you think of mine! I plan to update on how I’m doing and if this works probably in a few months 😉

Anyways, check out ASAP Science and their tips to stay motivated and stick to your resolutions:

Again, I would like to wish everyone celebrating a Happy Chinese New Year. As for everyone, hope you are being good with your New Year’s Resolutions.

Let’s do this 2016,


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