Me Finding I: New Year, Old Roots

It’s 初三 (Third Day of Chinese New Year) and a kind little gesture from a colleague I have not been the closest with made my day (heck, made my Chinese New Year!).

This will be my 4th year away from home for Chinese New Year and I just seem to get lonelier each year. Festivities like this are about bringing families together, and for a while now, I am the only member missing from my family. It is probably just all in my head but my family seem to be doing things together a lot more than when I was there – just a case of feeling extremely left out. Being in the family group chat is no help. I just seem to be missing out on important milestones. It helps knowing that they think of me now and they do not fail to remind me that they love me =)

The fact that I haven’t celebrated my Chinese New Year with any friends isn’t helping either. 1st Year in Exeter was great! I had a group of Malaysian friends who I stuck with for the year and celebrated all the festivities with, I was even the host to most of the events! 2nd Year in Surrey, it was alright. I had friends but I wasn’t close enough to take the celebrations further, still, it was nice to have enjoyed a meal with people. 3rd Year in Cambridge, none of my placement colleagues celebrate Chinese New Year, so Chinese delivery and some Cantonese movies solo it was. At least the Chinese food was good. And this year… was just pathetic. Back at university, yet both the Singapore and Malaysian Societies made no effort to host a Chinese New Year event. Sure, it is the first day of semester 2, but they had a whole free week before that to plan something. I passed my Chinese New Year Eve like it was any other day as the next day was the first day of my (hopefully) final semester, only to see fellow Malaysian and Singaporean uni-mates spending their CNY together in groups on social media – and I wasn’t invited to any. I would say I really did try to chat and hang out with them more in the beginning of the year, but it seems like rejecting one event makes you a social pariah (a story for another day, another post). Not a single coursemate or fellow Malaysian invited me to have a CNY meal together or such which I would say kind of stings. I did say “I don’t care if I have a social life or not in my final year. I just want to focus on myself and my studies.” afterall… oops.

It goes to show how a little generosity and love can impact someone.

As much as my colleague’s kind little gesture dredged up these negative thoughts, it made my day (heck, made my Chinese New Year) that he shared a little CNY spirit! It goes to show how a little generosity and love can impact someone. By this forth year, this festive season seem to have faded from my life being in a country which doesn’t celebrate it. If it weren’t for my family reminding me of it, I probably wouldn’t have realized it was Chinese New Year which is a problem. Why? Well, I personally believe that it is important that we hold on to our roots – this means honouring traditions and culture to be passed on for generations to come regardless of where in the world we end up settling down at. So, thanks mate for spreading some CNY love, luck and wishes. Truly.


“回家吧, 回到最初的美好 “

Hope those of you who celebrate Chinese New Year DID celebrate it well – with family and/or friends, with joy and sincerity. Much prosperity and happiness to all of you!

Chinese New Year love,


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