Hot & Heavy Valentine’s

Let’s be clear: I’ve never celebrated Valentine’s (Galentine’s day? Yes!).

I don’t even believe in celebrating Valentines – I say this now but who knows, I might be the (god forbid) lovey-dovey mushy kind when in a relationship. To me, this day holds no special meaning compared to spending your anniversary. And this day, you actually spend more than usual whether it’s chocolates or dinner just because they slap on a “Valentine’s Day Special” offer.

I would say I had a well spent Valentine’s Weekend. Get your mind out of the gutter! Neither are hickeys. I worked with catering for two Birthday events which was fun (while soaking in awe of the beautiful suburban houses we worked at). I got these burns from ovens and working the room with hot and heavy trays (occupational hazard. Hah. WHATUPCHUCKREFERENCE). But hey, it really was no big deal – just thinking how much more money will be added to my next adventure… be it for necessity, leisure or pursuit of my dreams, I could always use it. This is probably one of the few Asian stereotypes I possess – being really stringent when it comes to money matters because money matters! After a conversation with my employer as well, it really got me thinking about how hard my dad worked to provide us with such comfortable lives… and this spun into my thinking – will I be able to do the same for myself? Let’s not forget how I’m graduating in a few months… things are getting real, and real soon. (More like TOO soon).

*Note to self – Remember your days as a humble part-time staff slinging trays and washing dishes to recognize the value of money.

WOW. This post took a weird turn. Anyways, the reason why I work part-time while at University is to save up for my future/a rainy day (it is never too early), and for the occasional treat yo self days! I just don’t feel good spending my parents’ money anymore with the crazy amount they’ve invested in me for my future (my University Degree). To be able to spend my Valentines weekend doing something enjoyable and meaningful while reaping such benefits for myself is pretty great.

“I’m burning like a fire gone wild on Saturday
Guess I won’t be coming to church on Sunday”

Love yourself first, then love will come your way.

To those who DO celebrate it, Happy Valentine’s Day! If you’re single, hope you got to spend it with people you love instead of moping around and sitting in your puddle of baby tears going on about S.A.D. (Single Awareness Day) – that is so 2012. Love yourself first, then love will come your way. Well, no one likes a whiner, so be confidently (and comfortably) you! AND, even though you’re single, you sure ARE loved by people who care about you – friends, family, colleagues etc. because love is all around.

For those who don’t really care about V-day… hope you had a great weekend anyways, filled with love!

Love yourself, spread love,

and your life will be filled with love.



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