Tired of Being Sorry



Has it really been THREE MONTHS since I last blogged? IT HAS. In that time span, spring has turned into summer here. How time flies, and how lazy AF I’ve been. Yes, there, I said it. Enough excuses. In between my part-time job and working towards obtaining my Engineering degree, I was also BEING LAZY.

I am sick and tired with these hiatus posts too… I am tired of being sorry for my lack of effort and commitment!

As my university started the academic year much later than most other UK universities, we have JUST started our final exams this week. YES. This is the FIRST WEEK of our final exam period. My dissertation is done, one paper down and one last paper to go in the coming week. Let’s not forget, the relentless and seemingly futile job hunt has to be done full-time once that exam is over as it dawns how I really AM running out of time (in this country). So far, I have only applied to 20 jobs which in my case is simply not enough with the harsh reality that it is all a numbers game with 70% of those 20 employers instantly replying me with a simple “sorry, you might be qualified but we simply don’t sponsor non UK/EU citizens.” As much concerns and questions I have for myself in regards to my life post tertiary education, I have to put all that in the back of my mind for now, simplifying it all into one objective – GET A JOB.

Spring 2016 Crazy months

On a chirpier note,  it will also be ONE MONTH till my entire family fly over here for a family trip! We have not had one of these with the ENTIRE Tan family since… I was 10? Heck, if I recall correctly, the last time we were all together was 4 years ago! And our family group chat has been a constant reminder that I have been missing what seems to be monthly family gatherings and milestones that were almost non-existent when I was around… So yes, on top of job hunting, me – being the assigned planner and guide for this UK trip, I still have a couple of things to nail out before their arrival! Simply put, No summer break for Summer!

With what lies ahead for me in June (and with my track record so far…), I am not going to make any promises that puts me in such a position again. It does NOT mean I will not be blogging either, it just means with no promises, I will do my best to not be lazy and blog! It might not be regular, but do check back in a week or two! Here’s to hoping I finally learn to stop being such a bum! I’ve got to right? Especially now that I am going to be fully responsible for my own actions… hello adulthood and independence.

“Chapter one again, here I go again.”

Afraid and excited,


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