One year ago…

I made a life changing decision that was bigger than just me. It was a controversial one for sure that not only affected me but the people around me and the community.

I became a vegan.

Sorry this post took me this long!


No, I wasn’t drunk. No, I wasn’t dared. No, it wasn’t (and isn’t) an April Fools prank. I committed to this lifestyle exactly 1 year ago, unsure of how and where it’ll lead me.

It all started when I was just jumping from one related video to another, finding myself watching celebrity gossip sometime later (as I was procrastinating… it was that time of the year in uni – FINALS)… only to find myself clicking on one of Freelee the Banana Girl’s video on some celebrity. That’s when I discovered Veganism.

Of course, I did my research on things she said and promised for when you turn vegan, with medical articles from experts and much more. I did not entirely agree with everything she had to say (in terms of weight loss and such), but I couldn’t argue with the point being veg and fruits is the way to go. As I was at a pretty bad place back then which lead to my weight gain… I decided to give it a go for a month, ultimately to lose that extra weight.

HELLO VEGAN YOUTUBERS. I was then exposed to a whole new world of food – VEGAN FOOD! It fascinated me how creative one can be with food, even with just plant-based ingredients! My YouTube home page was plastered with recommendations of vegan videos for that month.

A colleague of mine at my part time job noticed that I had stopped eating meat, and asked me why. She recently turned vegan, and told me that I should watch Cowspiracy. Another college mate of mine saw my Instagram post too, and told me to watch Earthlings. That was it. Whether adopting a plant-based eating habit helped me lose weight or not, from that point on, I was committed to the full purpose of embracing veganism.


Becoming a vegan wasn’t a big challenge for me as my parents brought me up to be someone that loved her fruits and vegetables. There was rarely a meal without vegetables or a day without fruits for us. It was reintroducing carbs that was odd to me… I’ve always been very self-conscious about my body ever since I was a 10. I seemed to be the fattest kid in all my circle groups, among my family, cousins, friends etc. So, I became the girl who ate an apple for recess and salads for lunch. I swore off rice from the age of 11, all throughout my high school, being told that staying away from carbs is the best solution (aside from exercise of course).

So, 1st of April. After clearing all animal products from my kitchen, I tried to adopt a plant-based diet and explored the world of whole grains. After watching Cowspiracy and Earthlings, I remained a vegan till today. Why? Because if I can cut out animal products from my daily consumption that will stop the inhumane treatment of animals, reduce global warming effects, encourage sustainability and encourage a healthier lifestyle… why not? If this one not too difficult change does no harm, just good for everyone, animals and mother earth… why the hell not?

Sure, I am one person. But if everyone thought that way… would we be where we are today? Would we have evolved and advanced? As pessimistic as I am, I believe every little helps. I may not have converted anyone so far, but I have brought awareness to it and hope to do more of that back here in my hometown.

As pessimistic as I am, I believe every little helps.


One Year Later

My taste buds and body has certainly changed. I simply love simple wholefoods foods now, not big on salt (heck, I don’t even put salt most of the time when I cook), and hate the taste of meat now (I’ve accidentally eaten it, and immediately spat it out). More importantly, it has changed the way I think and view things. To look at the bigger picture at what a single action can impact/affect, to have an open mind and to keep educating myself.

As much as I would like to say I am still a vegan, not going to lie… I haven’t been able to be full vegan on certain occasions since I came home from UK… a story for another day (hello Vegans and your pitchforks). Still, I believe I AM a VEGAN, doing the best I can for the cause… for all earthlings.

Although I find myself quite timid to shout it to the world (another post for another day) now and then… one year later, I am happy with this decision that changed the way I live and my perspective.

Do comment and ask me questions if you have any regarding veganism or my vegan journey!!! I’ll be sharing more on my vegan journey (hopefully soon and more consistently), I do hope you’ll check it out too!

I hope this post done some good for the vegan community, and so will my future posts!

Share and comment! I’d love to hear your thoughts, vegan or not =)

Your fellow harmless vegan,


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