An artistically inclined edgy engineer in her early twenties that often ponders about questions on human nature and the meaning of life.

Ever since I was a little girl growing up in a charming island called Penang, my parents exposed me to many different things from Piano to art lessons, hiking to fishing, foreign to local films and food etc. This adventure craving bug stuck with me through high school as well, the pull to dabble and try new things lived on – dance, guitar, entrepreneurial, books, camps and much more. I intend to revive and retain that sense of adventure in me.

On Hums of Sum, You can expect me to:

Express my artistic inclinations

Rant on TV and Movie Followings

Geek out on Science and Technology

Expose you to Music (No music no life!)

Work a sweat and share some of my health tips

Review on restaurants and places I’ve visited/travelled

Muse about mind-boggling questions about humanity and life

Share my other experiences and darker tendencies. Oh yes, it does get personal.

As far as blogging content goes, I do see that I am non-specific to a wide array of topics. Here I am, continuing my adventure to experience new things and find my passion in life.

“Stars can’t shine without the darkness”

For the past year, my self-esteem fell to an all time low. I feel like I do not know myself anymore… don’t know my sense of purpose, and seeing my happy peers – pursuing and fulfilling their dreams is just that extra punch in the stomach.

Without darkness, you would not come to appreciate the wonders of light. Because if light was all you know, it would just be the norm as you do not have something worse to compare it to.

Such is life, without pain, you would not have come to appreciate happiness. So here I am, embracing my dark tendencies by sharing them (honest and raw) in this sanctuary of mine. In hopes to unclutter my thoughts and reach people in similar situations – To let you know that you are not alone.

Join me on my journey of self-discovery and finding my way back to self-love with serial postings tagged “Finding Mei”.

Stick around, won’t you?

Whether you’d like to join me on my journey of self-discovery, hear my ramblings and reviews on pop culture or share your artistic interests, I hope you will stop by here now and then to share your perspective on things to help widen mine! As much as I love writing to unclutter my thoughts, I would love to hear what YOU THINK too! Even if it’s just to say hi! =) #ForRealsies

Approximately 400 words and proud of the limit! 

With Much Sincerity and Love,

10 thoughts on “Sum.

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  2. This is really great!! Very creative, well said and nice to read. Haha, I sound like a book critic. But yeah, I could relate to sum (pun intended) of you and really enjoyed reading it. 🙂 Kudos!

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